Controls are easy : just AWSD to move , and mouse for aim and shoot

So , Far west is freezing , and this stranger guy want all the hats! of course , cowboys and the sheriff wont let him, but he stick to his idea, and even the priest wont stop him! So go on, take the hats of all of them! Let them feel the winter on their balds heads.

Thanks again to @DevlynJD for the great font she share!  

Development log


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A quite fun entry and very faithful to the spirit of the jam!

My only gripe is that it's kind of hard to properly hit the guys...but maybe I'm too lame a player. I remember sucking at Cabal as well.

thanks for the post and for playing my game! the thing is to hit the hats! you cant kill the enemies.. only take their hats off! 

Good game, very funny, the art is very well done, and the mechanics of the game are good, the idea of having to pick the hat to score  is great !